This Duro-Matic Invader was produced in 1946 as a direct competitor to the Dooling Type F. Features include a McCoy Red Head .60 ci model engine, independent front suspension, and low profile fuel tank.
About Dick McCoy:

Dick McCoy was one of the early pioneers of model engine design and construction. His special interest was in racing tethered model race cars, and he adapted early aircraft model engine designs to suit the special needs of race cars. He was good at getting the most out of an engine, and his engines set many speed records. They were popular with both flyers and car racers. Starting in the late 1930's, Dick produced about 35 race car engines on his own before having them made by Duro-Matic Products Co. in Hollywood starting in 1945. From 1953 to 1956 the engines were made by McCoy Products Co. in Culver City.
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Duro-Matic Invader

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  • Duro-Matic Invader
  • Duro-Matic Invader
  • Duro-Matic Invader
  • Duro-Matic Invader
  • Duro-Matic Invader
  • Duro-Matic Invader
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Tether Car: Duro-matic Invader
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Duro-Matic Invader
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