This Dooling Brothers Frog was manufatured in 1941. This model was one of the first stream lined tether cars. Features include a cast aluminum body, all enclosed design, and fenders over the front wheels for aerodynamics.
About The Dooling Brothers:

Tom, Harris, and Russell Dooling began production with the Mercury Midget, also known as the First Series Front Drive, in 1939. It was followed by the Mercury Deluxe or Rear Drive in late 1939. The Streamliner, or Frog, was also released in 1939. In 1940 the last of the Mercury cars, the Second Series Front Drive and the smaller sized Pee Wee were introduced. After the War in 1946, the F car was put into production. The final production Dooling car was the Arrow, which came on the market in the Spring of 1948.
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Dooling Frog

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Tether Car: Dooling Frog
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Dooling Frog
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