We appreciate donations that help illustrate racing and automotive history.

The Smith Collection Museum of American Speed is always seeking objects that help illustrate racing and automotive history. We strive to illustrate the evolution of automotive performance. If you are interested in possibly donating an object to the Museum of American Speed, please call 402.323.3166. Donations to the museum may be tax deductible.

Recently Donated Items

  • Wooden White Rose Gasoline Sign - Donated by Andy & Diane Anderson
  • Strip Teasers, Lincoln, NE Club Plaque - Donated by Leon Vogt
  • 1934 Ford - 1966 Nova - 1989 Firebird - Donated by Vaughn & Chryse Veit
  • Ardun Belt Buckle - Donated by Lloyd & Mary McWilliams
  • Two Speedway Gas Globes - Andy & Diane Anderson
  • Yellow Cab Simplex Bumper Jack - Donated by Ron Sampson
  • Sesco V-4 Engine & Sesco Bonneville Engine - Donated by Ron Hoettels
  • Driver's Suit, Worn During 2007 Midget Championship - Donated by Jerry Coons
  • Tiny Lund Tribute Plaque - Donated by Ron Sanford
  • Driver's Suit, Autographed by Erin Crocker, 1998 - Donated by Erin Crocker
  • Pair of Racing Goggles - Donated by Fred Moyer
  • Intake Manifold, Dual Carburetor Willy's "L" Head - Donated by Bill Darland
  • Oil Filter Canister - Donated by Nick Vuko
  • Teaching Model of Internal Combustion Engine - Donated by Craig Smith
  • AC Fuel Pump Service Part Cabinet - Donated by Nick Vuko
  • Autolite Service Parts Cabinet - Donated by Nick Vuko
  • Set of 3 McCulloch Supercharger Guages - Donated by B.C.R.A. Participant
  • Various Racing Fan Belts from Smokey Yunick's Garage - Donated by Skip Nolan
  • SBD Helmet, 1959 - Donated by Ebay seller
  • F.A.S.T. Plaque - Donated by Ron & Carol Mosher
  • Forever Four Plaque - Donated by Jim & Kathy Brierley
  • Swanson Ford 100th Anniversary Shift Knob - Donated by Doug Swanson
  • En-Ar-Co National News, © 1937 - Donated by Dave & Elaine Swanson
  • Dragons, Lincoln, NE Club Jacket - Donated by Oren Reich
  • Pegasus Men, Norfolk, NE Club Plaque - Donated by Richard Gummus
  • 1971 BCRA Championship Trophy - Donated by Jon Backlund
  • 1971 BCRA Championship Jacket - Donated by Jon Backlund

Speedy Bill and his crew with the 4x Sedan
Beckman and Speedy Bill in 1968
Speedway 4x Sedan outside old Speedway